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Plan2work.eu allows companies and institutions to plan and manage their work schedules online. This provides the management with a permanent overview of all activities within the company. Staff members are able to request changes to their work schedule at any time.

Plan2work.eu makes the planning application available on the internet for organisations, subject to a fee. They use an ASP (Application Service Provider). This online service saves them money, as they no longer have to purchase any software applications themselves. They outsource the knowledge, maintenance and management (security, back-ups) of their technical infrastructure. As a result of this, they also remain up to date at all times.

Plan2work.eu uses OSS (Open Source Software). This is software, whereby the source code has been made available freely to the users by the creators. The initiator is usually a (group of) programmer(s). The software then develops very quickly due to the global collaboration of programmers. This means that errors are removed almost immediately. At the same time, the software continues to meet the wishes of the users. The operating system Linux is the best-known example of OSS.

Plan2work.eu runs on servers with a Linux operating system. The web server is an Apache server. The application has been developed in PHP and the data is stored in a mySQL database.

pLAN8 has already been developing Plan2work.eu since 2003 in collaboration with IVinity.

pLAN8 is a planning firm that is involved in – sometimes highly complex – issues in the field of working hours management and staff planning. We provide advice about the optimisation of planning processes. For this we use an 8-step model that we developed ourselves. We analyse work processes, modify them where required and make them measurable. In this way we achieve the most effective use of staff at the lowest cost possible. For support purposes we also regularly provide staff planning workshops.

IVinity is involved in the development and supply of countless internet-related solutions. We supply websites, web applications and stand-alone applications on request. In addition to this, we also develop innovative products and services, such as the Content Management System (CMS) VivianCMS.