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For whom?
For whom is plan2work.eu intended
Plan2work.eu is suitable for organisations with 5 to 10.000 employees. This concerns companies and institutions in a variety of sectors. Examples are organisations that:

  • wish to collect data from various, often unlinked systems in a central registration system in a well-organised manner
  • wish to register their services, duties and actual working hours carefully and keep them available permanently
  • require accurate information for the payroll administration
  • use various types of employment contracts (permanent, flexible and temporary contracts)
  • often use cyclic work schedules
  • communicate intensely with their staff about current services, activities and absence
  • are involved in a variety of activities, which require specific qualifications
  • employ managers and staff who would like to have a permanent insight into the work schedules, duties, holiday planning and current hours
  • wish to reduce costs by reducing the amount of paperwork and avoiding expensive investments in software and hardware

If one of these situations applies to your organisation, plan2work.eu will be the solution for you.

In this case, you can apply for a CUSTOM DEMO without obligation. You will be able to test it for a month FREE OF CHARGE.

Please complete the application form and we will contact you as soon as possible.