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What is plan2work.eu?
Plan2work.eu is an internet service that allows companies and institutions to plan and manage their work schedules online.

Planning via the internet offers many benefits, because:

  • You immediately have a complete overview of all current and planned activities within your company
  • Throughout the day, you will know exactly who is performing which task in which location
  • You have an application that is always available, easily accessible and user-friendly
  • Your staff are also able to view their planning at any time and request changes to the work schedule
  • You are no longer bothered by proposals for changes; you process them online whenever it suits you
  • The working hour records are stored in an electronic archive, making discussions about hours worked a thing of the past
  • Data relating to staff planning of all departments and/or offices is saved in a central file, which means that you always have a complete overview
  • You avoid costly investments in software and hardware for staff planning and for the recruitment of ICT specialists
  • You also save a great deal on paperwork, which means that the costs for the staff records are also reduced
  • You have an application that can be customised to the structural, functional and duty-related differentiation of your organisation in a quick and easy manner
  • You no longer have to worry about the security and reliability of the planning, as you have outsourced the responsibility for these to an expert