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How does plan2work.eu work?
Our online demo provides a good impression of the possibilities and the user-friendliness of plan2work.eu. If you would like a complete overview of the functionality of plan2work.eu, you can apply for a custom demo. You will be able to test it for a month FREE OF CHARGE. Please complete the application form and we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also download the online brochure of plan2work.eu.

To give you an idea already of the possibilities of plan2work.eu, we will roughly list its functionality:
  • Basic administration for organisation and staff
    You can use plan2work.eu to manage the organisational structure, positions, name and address details, contact details, employment relationships, positions, qualifications and work schedules of your staff with ease
  • Basic staff planning (schedules, planning and absence)
    plan2work.eu allows you to plan work, absence, training and other activities in basic (cyclic) schedules in an easy manner.
  • Situational registration (holidays, illness, irregularities)
    When entering changes, all relevant situational data is automatically updated. You will always see the most recent state of affairs and will be able to see at a glance whether you have planned a sufficient number of staff at the right times. This will allow you to maintain your grip on the situation at all times.
  • Task management and planning
    You will be able to schedule special tasks (and the required qualifications) without trouble for specific job types within certain parts of the organisation. You will then be able to link these tasks for the desired period to staff who have the correct position. The graphical overview of tasks and available staff will allow you to see immediately whether enough qualified staff are available.
  • Holiday planning
    Members of staff use plan2work.eu to indicate when they would like to go on holiday. You can then decide whether you agree with this. The approved holiday periods are listed in an well-organised manner. In this way you will always have a clear overview of the available staff.
  • Staff training
    You can enter staff training separately. Newly acquired skills of staff can then be entered as well.
  • Feedback
    All data from the staff planning process is stored automatically. You will then be able to process it in a report or export file (for example, payroll administration). You can modify the variable queries set (such as period, department, etc.) at any time.