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Why plan2work.eu?
The division of labour within organisations is changing rapidly. Customers expect more flexibility, creative solutions and customised products from companies and institutions. Jobs are also becoming more and more specialised, especially in the services sector. Well-trained staff, however, is rare, involves high requirements and requires a flexible work schedule.

To be able to respond to the wishes of customers and staff adequately, the management should always be able to retrieve a reliable overview quickly of all current and planned activities within the organisation. They should be able to use a safe and clear planning system that immediately processes relevant information about use, availability, quality and capacity of staff. The system should also be transparent, accessible and user-friendly enough to allow employees to announce their wishes immediately, anytime, anywhere. If a change proposal is submitted, both management and staff will then immediately be able to see what is and what isn’t possible.

Labour costs are high in our country, especially compared to those in emerging economies. As a result of globalisation and more open borders, competition is constantly increasing. To be able to withstand this, companies and institutions here have to use the factor labour as efficiently and effectively as possible. In other words, their planning system will also have to monitor the working hours schedule accurately, to avoid any discussion with regard to this. The management will then be aware throughout the day of exactly who is working on which task in which location.

An organisation that wishes to purchase a versatile planning system like this will have to spend a lot of money, not only on the purchasing or development of the applications, but also on the maintenance and keeping up-to-date of the hardware and software, and the ICT training of staff.

Plan2work.eu offers an attractive alternative: a planning system via the internet that companies and institutions can use day and night, with all the associated benefits. This is because plan2work.eu is not only flexible, quick, reliable, safe, clear, transparent, accessible, user-friendly, efficient, effective and accurate, but it also saves huge amounts of money. You will recover the investment within a month.

THAT IS WHY plan2work.eu